Sarah Joy, creator of "BE YOU - BE LOVE" is a mom and a wife who has a passion for sharing her life story with the world and she doesn't hold back. The day she decided to work through her past pain rather than numbing out was the day she realized that her experiences could be used to help other women also find healing.

Sarah currently uses Social Media, her Blog, and the Be You - Be Love Podcast as platforms to share her struggles and triumphs. Sarah doesn't shy away from sharing parts of her life to create encouraging content. She believes in order to be healthy it is best to focus on mental, emotional, and physical health. 


In addition to the content that Sarah creates online, she is also part of a Toastmasters International group and hopes to become a full-time motivational speaker. More specifically, Sarah wants to reach out to young women who may struggle with an addiction or have experienced trauma. She is a recovering addict herself and fights for sobriety every day. Through the help of mentors and having a safe place, free of judgment and shame, Sarah continues to move towards total freedom.


"Being able to have that kind of a weight lifted from my shoulders is an amazing feeling that I want others to know", says Sarah. "It truly breaks my heart seeing so many young men and women hurting all because of the unnecessary shame that they carry with them daily."

Guilt says, "You did something wrong"
Shame says, "There's something wrong with you". 
I say, "There's NOTHING wrong with you! You are perfectly imperfect!"


W h a t    i s    BE YOU - BE LOVE ?


A movement that does not stand by as others get criticized. 


A movement that fights for what is right while still loving those who oppose it.


A movement that casts no shame, no judgment, only empathy, acceptance, and love.

To be apart of the BE YOU - BE LOVE community is to be apart of a great movement.

"Living authentically and loving in action".

The Be You - Be Love Podcast is created by Sarah Peters as a way to uplift and encourage others as we all learn how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Through interviews with specialists, parents, recovering addicts, and more, the BYBL podcast explores the many ways we can live authentically and love in action. 

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Sarah Joy

Idaho, USA