14% OFF 4 Feb. 14th!!!

Happy early Valentine's Day!

I actually don't really celebrate Valentine's Day because it's always been my sister's birthday but I thought that it would be a great excuse to give you all a discount on the BE YOU - BE LOVE virtual 5k!!

What better way to celebrate the ones we love than by doing something new and exciting together!

I mean, there's also food but after registering for the 5k then you won't feel bad about eating an entire MOD pizza to yourselves... I know I won't.

P.S. the actual 5k isn't until July so there will be sun and you will have plenty of time to train. Yay!!

Okay, okay, let's get to the discount. That's why you're here anyway right?

This is going to be the cheapest that you will ever get to see the BE YOU - BE LOVE 5k because not only are you getting 14% off but you get to use it on the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION!!

Just go to https://tinyurl.com/beyoubelove5k and choose how many registrations you'd like to get then enter in the coupon code LOVE14 and Boom! You get 14% off your order!

Not to mention, this isn't like other virtual 5ks. All registered participants will receive a packet mailed to them with a BIB, CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, and a MEDAL. That's right you get an awesome discount, you get to choose what day in July you want to do it, the place and the pace of your 5k, AND you get a medal!!

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