"Are You Allowed To Say...?" | Featuring Briella Peters

Hello and welcome to the BE YOU -  BE LOVE podcast, learning to live authentically and love in action. In today's episode, we get to hear from our 4-year-old, Briella.

Asking our kids questions and also answering their questions is one of the best ways to get to know them. (Just like we would get to know anyone really) Today I ask Briella different questions about emotions and being angry, how we can show love to someone, setting boundaries, talking about private parts, and more. The purpose of this is to show how easy it can be to have those awkward conversations. As parents, we should aim to have continual open grace filled conversations with our kids. It might not always stay on track... especially with a 4-year-old... but that's not the point. We are building a relationship with our kids so that means we talk about what we want AND what they want to talk about. (Just like you would with any new relationship) We hope by listening to today’s BE YOU -  BE LOVE podcast episode you are left with a smile on your face and feel encouraged to enjoy future conversations with your kids! If you are listening from anchor.fm please take a moment to leave us a comment or question and you could be featured in an up and coming episode. Links to the information mentioned in today’s episode are listed below. LINKS AND RESOURCES Beyou-belove.com Instagram.com/beyoubelove Instagram.com/sjoy88 **If you would like to help support the BYBL podcast you can sign up for as little as .99 a month by hitting the support button on Anchor.fm/beyou-belove or by heading over to the BYBL Patreon and searching my name, Sarah Peters, or use this link Patreon.com/SarahPeters RESOURCES Some questions are taken from https://www.familyfelicity.com/questions-to-ask-your-kids/

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