Bye 2020 & Finding Value in 2021

Featuring Katie Kidd-Lincoln & Andy Lincoln

Hello and welcome to SEASON 2 of the BE YOU - BE LOVE podcast, learning to live authentically and love in action.

In today's episode, the new youth pastors at Anthem Church, Andy, and Katie Kidd-Lincoln.

I met Andy through Katie, who I have known for almost 8 years now. Crazy! We both went to the same church together, both served together, and even went through Pure Desire groups together. No matter how busy either of us is or how much time passes, the greatest thing about Katie is that whenever we get together it feels like she’s my sister and no time has passed. Needless to say, these two are such an amazing couple, doing wonderful works for God, and I’m excited to have them on the show today! We hope by listening to today’s BE YOU - BE LOVE podcast episode you leave feeling uplifted and encouraged to conquer your day. If you are listening from please take a moment to leave us a comment or question and you could be featured in an up and coming episode.

Links to the information mentioned in today’s episode are listed below.

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Katy Kidd-Lincoln Andy Lincoln

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