Creating A SAFE Culture

I am so excited to be introducing this awesome book study! Coming up this March 2019 myself and some amazing women will be making our way through this book and the workbook that goes with it. Fortunately, we do have a few openings left and would love to have you join us in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area. To sign up, click this link and search 'SAFE'.

"The Safe Book Study is an eight-week study on practical ways we can create a safe, open, and vulnerable culture around us. Whether you're a spouse, a parent, a church leader, or live life around others, you impact the culture you're in. Learn how to become a person of grace who changes the culture around them; learn how to be safe. Study materials can be purchased HERE ($20)."

How many of you have been in an environment where you felt unsafe? Maybe your life was in danger or maybe your health was in danger?

As a recovering addict I sometimes find myself being hyperaware of my surroundings and can feel triggered. Those specific environments are unsafe for me and over the last so many years I have learned to work through that and now ask myself, "how can I pass it on?". Being a mom, a group leader, and even a speaker I need to be aware of what type of environment I'm creating around me. Is it "a culture of grace"?

I think it is... but there's always more to learn and better ways to do things. :)

From being a member or leader at a work meeting, Bible study, small group...etc

To being a parent that wants the absolute best for their child. This book applies to you.

Going through this work book is so exciting to me because I can learn and grow from the inside out. Taking the everlasting grace that God gives to me and allowing it to overflow to the people around me.

I hope that you decide to join us in this group! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 💚

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