Four Words That Changed My Life

"Just Become A Regular"

Those are the 4 words that completely changed my life.

Most might read these words and think nothing of them. But for me, they were confirming, validating, and most of all, they made me feel excepted


Before these 4 words, I was nervous and scared to climb on top of worries about what others would think of me.

"Just become a regular"

-You mean to tell me, that it's ok that I come here over and over even though I can't climb, I'm overweight, and I'm crying 2 feet off the ground??


It was so simple yet so impactful!

I have now come so far with my climbing, my strength, and my confidence. My hope for you as you read this and watch the video below is that you too become bolder. Taking steps that may scare you but doing them anyway.

Truly embracing bravery.

Watch the video




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