Gaining A​ New Perspective

Snow is everywhere right now. At least up here in the panhandle of Idaho.

The snow just keeps on coming and I feel confident in saying that we are all ready for the sun to come back!

During this time of year it's easy to see the snow as we are driving, shoveling the driveway, and of course snowboarding or sledding. But how often do you stop and just look at the snow?

When looking passed the falling snow it looks like it's moving pretty fast but when you look directly at each individual snow flake it almost looks like it's taking its time as it's floating to the ground.

It's funny how our brain can perceive the same thing to be doing two different things depending on whether we are focusing on it or not.

I wonder, what else could we perceive two different ways? What would happen if we decided to get a new perspective?

Maybe you are having a difficult time with a co-worker.

Or your life isn't going they way you planned.

How could we look at those things in a new way?

With the snow it'd different depending on whether we FOCUS ON IT or not. The same goes for the positive aspects of our lives. We can easily look past them and miss them all together.

Or, we can CHOOSE to FOCUS on those beautiful moments.

Not just see them, but really look at them.

By focusing on the positive pieces of our day we gain a new perspective on life.

How will you choose to live each day?

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