Handling Disappointment

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

As we're growing older we all have times where we're disappointed in something or someone. And sometimes that someone is ourselves.

Unfortunately, there is no "off switch" for being disappointed. So while searching the Internet to see what people think about this topic I saw the same statements pop up over and over.

My heart began to break for so many!   

When we feel disappointed many decide to try and run from the pain. Which results in people turning their emotions off, not realizing that our bodies aren't meant to feel nothing. So when we try and turn off anger or sadness, we also end up turning off happiness and joy. Our bodies begin starving.

We are built for connectivity and when we don't get it we are left feeling neglected and lonely. Such starts the cycle of looking for closeness without really being ready to be close with others and having that possibility of being disappointed over and over again.

It's quite the predicament.

So how can we stop this cycle?

How can we not be disappointed?

How can we make real connections?

1: Let those emotions out.

​Don't numb yourself. As much as it sucks it's better to feel the pain than to shove it down. When you bury your feelings inside they can eat at your core until one day they explode. If we can't face what really hurts us we can't prevent it happening again.

2: Perspective is everything!

After working through your feelings take a step back, analyze the situation, and try to look at it from a different point of view. You may be hurt but if someone else is involved they may also be hurt. Or maybe you are disappointed in yourself. I know I've definitely been there. If that's the case try not to be so hard on yourself. Look at what and why 'said thing' disappointed you and learn from it. Take what you can and apply it to your future.

3: Be REAL! Be RAW!

​Take those masks off and face the world for what it is with who you really are. I personally have an issue with always wanting to wear my "happy mask". Aka: I'm always happy even when I'm really not. I have to remind myself that it's okay to be unhappy. Sometimes we are just sad and that is alright. We don't have to always smile.

What is something that I have done to work on me?

This is a book I went through that really helped me identify the masks that I wear. "Behind The Mask" It also gave me the tools to live a life of authenticity. I definitely recommend it! It's hard working on yourself but it's amazing and so worth it!


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