“Is there a 1st and 2nd of July?” -My 6 year old

Happy 4th if July everyone! I hope you all had a lot of fun and were able to stay safe.

***I wrote this blog post on the 4th of July... Why didn't it post? I'm not sure. I could easily delete it since it is now the 12th of July, but I decided to delight you with the wonderful question that my 6 year old asked us this year...

"Is there a 1st and 2nd of July?"

This year we decided to let our girls (6yr old & 3yr old) decide how we were going to celebrate. The options we gave them were to either head to downtown Coeur d’Alene for the beach and a big fireworks show... or... stay home and do a balloon fight, have a bbq, and enjoy our own little firecracker show.

They chose to stay home.

It took almost 30 minutes to fill up all the water balloons and less than 5 minutes to pop them all. 😆

We also had tons of yummy food! Veggie burgers, grilled asparagus, many different types of fruit, chips, and of course... s’more.

As the sun began to set we chose to pull out the firecrackers and they it was straight to the showers and bed for the girls.

It was wonderful to spend time with family as well as being in the comfort of our own home and not having to deal with traffic.

What did you did you do this year to celebrate the 4th of July?

Happy Independence Day!

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