Learning To Live An Authentic Lifestyle

Everyday we are confronted with social media. Constantly being able to see what's going on with other people around the world. Having a window into their lives can be great, but  it can also be very deceiving and we tend to forget how small that window actually is. The little bit that we can see makes it look like everyone has a 'picture perfect' life.

In the past I was always trying to make sure everything appeared to be great.

My morning routine consisted of putting on my 'happy mask' and my 'self sufficient mask'. I always wanted people to think that I was always happy and that I never needed anything, even when that wasn't true.      In 2014 I started going through a Pure Desire book called "Behind the Mask". This was the start of my journey of removing all the different 'masks' that I wore and learning to live authentically. Since then I have also gone through a Celebrate Recovery group and am now leading a group of amazing women through another Pure Desire book called "8 pillars for women". It has been absolutely wonderful and I am constantly learning new things about myself.

Living a life of authenticity can be hard at times.

It's not always fun letting people in and feeling vulnerable. But boy is it worth it! I now have a sense of freedom from my past and am able to focus on what the future has in store for me.      Below I have a couple websites listed if you would like to learn more about Celebrate Recovery and/or the Pure Desire books. If you have any question for me or would like me to write a blog post going into more dept about some of the different things I struggle with and how I'm working through it please shoot me a message.

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