New BYBL 5k Flyers!

When organizing a virtual 5k having flyers is a must!

I am so excited to show you all the front of these cool little cards and I'll be leaving them all around town. If you happen to see one, share it on instagram and tag @beyoubelove and you'll get a shoutout.

Once I get them in I'll show you all what I've done with the back.

I also will be getting some new business cards! yay!!

Anyone else love designing business cards? I spent I don't know how many hours on these and really ended up designing 5 different cards. Thankfully, with some help, I was able to decide on just one style.


Don't forget to register! 

Have fun with this virtual 5k and show your support for the BE YOU -  BE LOVE movement! ​By participating in this fun run you are celebrating not only the amazing person that you are, but we are all celebrating and encouraging each other on as we run, walk, bike... etc! ​We are all perfectly imperfect and that is something to be proud of!!

Here's something special for you just for reading my blog <3

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