New Instagram!!

Hey, guess what! I just created a new instagram.

For those of you that don't already follow my personal account your can find it HERE!

*If clicking on the "HERE" didn't work copy and past this into your browser

My new @beyoubelove instagram

Is going to be focusing more specifically on my brand. I'm currently featuring the #beyoubelove5k which is the 2nd annual VIRTUAL FUN RUN that will be taking place July 2019.

I will also be sharing updates with my blog letting you all know when I have posted, what I'm posting, and I might even take some suggestions.

And we can't forget about the MERCH!

I've just released the new design that goes right along with the 'Be you - Be love 5k' and am planning a giveaway for one lucky person that has registered for the fun run. (Make sure to follow the new instagram and turn on notifications so you don't miss out!)

I've just finished creating my first post and will be posting it right as I'm posting this. In the description I talk a little bit about my family and I and some of my passions.

Go show it some love and let me know you're coming from the blog <3

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