Stop And Smell The Roses... Or Sheep. Same Thing Right??

Updated: May 25, 2019

You know the saying, "stop and smell the roses"?

This is a saying that means to relax and to take time out of our busy lives to appreciate the beauty around us.

For those of you who know me know that I like keeping busy. But what I’ve learned over these last few years is that the best way to enjoy life isn’t by packing it out with activities or with work. Instead, it’s best to focus on having balance so that I can stop.

As a mom it's easy to get wrapped up in what is happening next, what needs to be done now, and what I should have already finished but didn't have time for.

Even though it can get quite busy, sometimes it's all smiles, while other times it nowhere near as cheery as the picture below.

I have found that living life to the fullest doesn't mean filling every waking hour with something to do. Really, it means to balance and prioritize.

Getting the necessary things done while leaving space open in the day for those 'spur of the moment' things.

Maybe that means that you stop to smell the roses.


you stop for no reason other than to wave at a sheep.

Either way, having the freedom to just stop fills our lives more than any packed schedule could.

🥰 That’s living life to the fullest.

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