Surviving COVID-19 & Rock Climbing

Don't worry, we will get to the rock climbing soon,

but first...

It is April 23rd and the world is experiencing a pandemic like no other. There are many similarities to things that have happened in history but unlike those, this time the world is connected through technology.

We are all experiencing the feeling of being alone despite how easily we can talk and still see each other while using our phones, tablets, and computers.

Even the less tech-savvy folks are using Zoom, facetime, and even Houseparty. How cool is that?

The "stay home" order has made the extravert go crazy and the introverts even crave some physical touch and/or just going for coffee with a friend. (Especially if you live in the Northwest and going for coffee is the big thing to do with your friends)

With all that said, I'm so thankful for the many ways that technology helps bring people together. It's definitely better than nothing!

If you are anything like me, this has been a very difficult time. I have been working hard to stay with my recovery plan and not sink into depression. While also keeping up with working from home, homeschooling our 7-year-old, playing with our 4-year-old, keeping up on the housework, and get in 30 minutes of exercise.

Any other mom's or dad's feeling the same way?

How have you been handling the COVID-19 pandemic? What have you been able to do to help you get through each day? (Please give me ideas lol)

Now for the rock climbing

Reminisce with me

I have always worn socks with my climbing shoes and back in the fall (or so) 3 other girls and I went to the Wild Walls Climbing Gym in Spokane, WA. That was the day that I chose to finally make that leap to leaving my sock in my running shoes. At first, it felt really weird but I also ended up climbing better than I ever have before.

Needless to say, I'm sold and will no longer be wearing socks while rock climbing.

Here are some pictures from that day and if you scroll to the bottom you'll get to check out the video that I put together.

Such a fun day and I can't wait to get back to climbing!!

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