The Culture Of The Church In 2020 | Featuring Andrew & Brittany Rima

Hello and welcome to the BE YOU - BE LOVE podcast, learning to live authentically and love in action. In today's episode, we have the pleasure of talking with Brittany Rima and her husband, Andrew Rima, about the effects that 2020 has had on the church. Both grew up in the church with their parents being Pastors. They both share the impact the church made on them as they got older and the impact they hope to make as they share the gospel with those around them.

We hope by listening to today’s BE YOU - BE LOVE podcast episode you leave feeling uplifted and encouraged to conquer your day. If you are listening from please take a moment to leave us a comment or question and you could be featured in an up and coming episode. Links to the information mentioned in today’s episode are listed below. LINKS AND RESOURCES **If you would like to help support the BYBL podcast you can sign up for as little as .99 a month by hitting the support button on or by heading over to the BYBL Patreon and searching my name, Sarah Peters, or use this link BRITTANY RIMA ANDREW RIMA

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