"You Are Awesome!" (A speech I wrote)

Why am I even up here?

I’m not smart enough for this!

Oh I can’t do that! I’m too old to learn a new trade!

That was stupid, why did I say that?!

Just keep quiet, no one actually cares about what you have to say anyway!

When was the last time you said something positive about yourself?

Have you ever looked in the mirror all awkwardly and out loud said

“You are awesome! You are smart! You are strong! You are going to make a difference!

You matter!!?


When was the last time you thought or even verbally said something negative about yourself?

Maybe yesterday, or this morning, maybe it was during lunch, or right now…

How often do you compare yourself with others and put yourself down in the process?


You sit down at a restaurant to have a nice dinner. As you skim the menu you spot this amazing, mouth watering burger. It comes with a side of fries, and a pie…

"But no, I can’t have that! It’s got to be like a week’s worth of calories and that will go straight to you know where…"

Then you look over and see the server…

"Man, how do they look so toned and work here? It must be their genetics. I wish I had genetics like that! Instead, I’m stuck with an apple shaped body and flabby arms…"

"It takes 9 affirming comments to make up for just 1 critical one." -Jim Burns

Wow!! 9?!

I’ve had days where it’s hard enough coming up with just 1, but to come up with 9 for every critical thought?!

And that’s if we limit it to the things that we say to ourselves. What about the things we hear on tv, in the store, at work, or even from family members?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many people in the world that go around affirming others.

Have you heard the term, “no news is good news”?

This normally applies to a job or something medical. But we also do this to ourselves. Either there’s nothing or something bad… How sad is that?

Can you imagine treating a child like that?

Either neglect them or criticize them?

If we wouldn’t treat a child like that then why do we treat ourselves like that?

Why do we expect perfection when no one is perfect?

When something is told to us over and over our brain is being trained into thinking that that is fact.

If as you grew up you were told that you were either lazy or stupid. After years of hearing it your brain would have wired itself to think of those things as fact. Your mind would say,

"I am either lazy or stupid, there is no other option".

How do we get out of this spiral of negative thinking?

Awhile back I began writing 5 affirmations about myself every week. It was surprisingly difficult because I didn’t believe what I was writing.

But, as the months went by and I noticed it began getting easier. Some even made me smile as I wrote them.

Rather than continuing on a path of self destruction, I was choosing to retrain my brain with truth.

I am the apple of his eye. I and forgiven. I am good enough. I am valuable. I am worthy of love
Created by Sarah Joy

I not only encourage you but I challenge you to write 5 affirmations about yourself. Don’t put it off and wait until you feel like it. Do it tonight!

Take 3 minutes with a pen and paper and write out your own personal truths.

Because guess what, whether you know it or not, you are awesome!

This is a speech that I wrote and gave a few weeks ago. The speech wasn't recorded but I felt led to share it with you all so here it is. I hope that you gained something from reading it. ❤️



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